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Somebody so gay, other gays make fun of them for being a gay.
"You are a right gayer, Sam Evaskitas" - Elton John
by Pirate Iain February 12, 2004
140 27
being more gay than a gay person
you are such a gayer
by theshadowgirth February 17, 2010
35 18
Slang for gays, flamers, fags.
Dude you really don't want to go into that club, see the rainbow decal on the door, it's for gayers!
by August 28, 2009
43 31
A very open Lesbian or Gay.
"Have you met Ben?"
"Yeah, he's a huge gayer."
by schhlit August 11, 2008
16 8
as gay is no longer an insult, add gayer to take it back to its old, childish meaning.

was: omg you're so gay.
now: omg you're such a gayer
was: omg you're so gay.
now: omg you're such a gayer
by fucktard March 01, 2005
59 51
A modern Vespa scooter that has automatic gearing leaving the riders left hand free to wave at other auto Vespas.

Usually ridden while wearing an open face crash helmet for style rather than saftey. The helmet must either match the scooters colour or have either a UK military roundel or a Union Flag covering it and you dont need to be from the UK either.
Look at him on the gayer with his matching man bag.
by baba papa July 11, 2011
20 14
Someone that each time you see them is more gay than the last time.
"Everytime you come back from uni, your gayer than before!"
by Gayerthangay June 22, 2013
1 0