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Extremely distorted. No longer resembling the idea presented by the original.
The bastardized photo showed me having sex with a monkey.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff March 20, 2003
1.The state of being after being made increasingly and unnecessarily lame.
2. A dumbing down or perversion of the original to twisted ideals.
Dude, have you noticed how Disney has bastardized so many good stories?
by Ford Prefect November 09, 2003
Used to describe something that has been put into a bitched or perverted form.
Protestantism is a bastardized form of Christanity.
by GuidoPosse69 February 07, 2005
1.) the act of impregnating a woman and leaving and having no contact withthe family or child (ah I've created yet another bastardized child)
2.) when a acqaintance does something really shady ( screw that asshole and his bastardized ways)
I came up with a bastardized plan to nut in all my bosses drawers.
by hot carl November 24, 2003
a bastardly way; when sounds bastardly or bastard like
What she said just then was so bastardized.
by Nicollet December 08, 2008
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