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469 definitions by david

guns;street;compartment were bullets are kept
tryin' to shine but im just gettin' the clips
by david April 04, 2005
A device that is used to find out if a person is lying. They need to ban lie detectors because they are not always right. Sometimes they say a person had lied when they really didn't lie.
Lie detectors are stupid.
by David March 06, 2004
When a friend has passed out you proceed to spread his/her butt cheeks and insert the makings of a taco (tomato, lettuce, choice of meat, sour cream, etc.) Often great for retaliation.
I gave my cheeting-ass ho of a gf a butt taco. And then I made her eat it. That bitch.
by David June 17, 2006
A made up monster used to scare little kids
5 year old: Big brother, is the boogie man real?
5 yr old: AHHH *runs like an idiot
by David July 26, 2004
Short for microwave oven. A machine used to cook food really fast especially, when you're in a hurry.
I need to put my dinner in the microwave.
by David December 09, 2003
one of the greatest perfomers of the last 40 years. A true legend that brings love and joy to those that get her. A rare symbol of fabulousness. rumoured to be immortal.(hopefully)
almost nobody entertains an audience like CHER. I love Cher!!!
by david October 28, 2003
Early doors refers to any situation where someone arrives earlier than is customary for an event. Its meaning is not restricted to drinking binges gone horribly wrong
"The Queen's Head will be busy at lunch with all those bikers there."

"Yes, we'd best get there early doors and grab a table."
by David October 21, 2003