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Means "OH NO" "OH MY GOD" etc
Alamak, I forgot to pick up my girlfriend at the station!!!!
by David August 02, 2003
Something that is cool, as to evoke a high-five.
Jelly Bellies are up top!
Man, that girl is up top!
Did you see that?! That was up top!
by David March 04, 2004
A derogatory term for the fruit of a black woman's loins; sex from a black woman. Referred to in the movie "Monster's Ball". A character said the term when speaking about how he used to have sex with black women.
I had a thing for niggerjuice, but I prefer a white woman.
by david January 22, 2005
a massive orgy for jewish teenagers
David went to usy and h.u with two girls at the same time
by david November 28, 2004
Awesome guitar Company get an RG series
by David July 18, 2003
cash money in all its cheesy glory.
that sitcom deal landed me some major chedah.
by David March 16, 2003
A very good metal band, I recommend the album 'antidote'
Me: Hey, you know a band called Moonspell
Them: No
Me: Pulls out gas powered bazooka
by David March 12, 2005

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