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when playing eucre, and in the barn, sticking the score cards behind your ears is known as "shreking it"
now we're shreking, but next point we'll win
by Craig June 27, 2004
ANYone who owns or drives a Yugo
easiest comparison: Danny Devito or Bette Midler in the movie DROWNING MONA
by Craig December 19, 2003
mullets, suit jackets and ripped jeans, usually go's to toni and guy for an obscure 80's haircut.
david beckham
by Craig March 10, 2004
A band who had possibly one catchy song called 'Year 3000' or something. Their biggest fans are girls who don't really have a clue about good music they're just caught out by their supposed good looks. It has been rumoured they don't even play their own guitars. Busted also spawned another band called McFly which I swear to god do exactly the same songs as Busted which isn't surprising since Busted write their songs and are their best mates. Anyway Busted could be appealing to some, but not people who like proper guitar music.

See crap
Also see McFly

The new Busted album is out on sale featuring even more strangely contorted faces on the cover! Buy Soon! Only 2.99 'cause it's shit!
by Craig December 30, 2004
to unwillingly insert as much of your foot into your partners mouth during hot booty sex
Craig, get you smelly, cheesy, son of a bitch of a foot out of my mouth mumbles natalie with a mouth full of foot
by craig June 23, 2004
being gay or acting like a twat
tour a nudger
by craig March 28, 2004
You're correct that it involves having sex with all 3 holes of a girl, however the true hat trick is jizzing in all 3 holes ON THE SAME ORGASM. Needless to say it's very difficult, and is worthy of the title "hat trick".
I tried a hat trick, but the orgasm was over and I was out of jizz before I got to her ass.
by Craig February 16, 2005

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