5 poppin 6 droppin I aint stopping
all you’ll hear is exits lockin
then you’ll hear guns coppin
then you’ll see all crypts dropping
and this murder spree aint stopping
now tell me what you doin
you say you kit kat koolin
nigga who you think u foolin
lemme remind you that BLOODZ is rulin
I kno you got a lot of fear
But that’s cuz im here
So get up bitch and wipe that tear
I don’t care what yall niggas said
The power is in the color red
not blue, don’t get misled
Take it down now cuz im puttin you to bed
It’s a shame I had to turn on a friend
And bring his life to an end
I don’t give a fuck who yall send
He said he was gonna rep blue
So that left me one thing to do
All I did was listened for my que
Then his ass was dead too
Take that as a lesson understood
I better not peep another crypt in my hood
Now you tell me WHATZ REALLY GOOD
B’s up C’s down
b's up C's
by Saleena December 19, 2003
Ckab/sckrap cKilla

Str8 ^ ckillaz poppin fake g'z brattttt
Ck all day itz da only way

5 flyin 6 dyin

keep it drippin homies aight 1 Blood Love
by Ckab ckilla November 25, 2003
CK stands for crip killa, which i am fa life g. BSV Bloods fa life homie, leave them crabs filled wit heat
im a CK fa life, ya heard me?
by young Blood April 06, 2005
If You See A Crip
Walking Down The Street
Lay It On His Lip
And Let The True Colour Drip!
CK1:damn is you deaf i say pass the blunt.
CK2:Hold up bruh. theres a Crip fool.
All CKs: Get him (BANG BANG BANG)
by Ryder 4 Lyf May 31, 2005
crip killa
ck ricket killa
it's all about the bmg up in here nigga
blood bitch tell i die
"i'm a crip killa 4 life" said by blood
by baby gurl October 15, 2003
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