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During oral pleasure, jizzing in her hand, and spreading it on ur mates face area.
After she blew my shlong, i jizzed in my hand, and slapped that dirty slut in the face.
by Craig November 10, 2004
A delicacy of the Ivory Coast, made from the fat of boiled monkeys. Known to the locals of Abidjan as Singe Fromage.
Get those monkeys on the boil, we're running out of monkey cheese.
by Craig October 13, 2004
The love of my life. Since the first day i layed my eyes on him, i wanted to enter him, in a sexual manner.
by Craig March 27, 2003
It's "YOU'RE" not YOUR, you fart knocker.
You're means you are, fart knocker.
See Beavis and Butt-Head for more insults.
Gimme the remote control, fart knocker.
by Craig April 06, 2005
A lot of people who say "free Tibet!" and like to give a dollar to homeless people shop here. They talk of world peace and other hippy shit when in reality their $500 jeans were made in a sweat shop in china, when the money could have gone towards freeing Tibet!
I am so into reggay that i always shop here, I'm am SUCH a hipster! Despite the christian morals behind rastafarian, i smoke weed and am down with marley.
by Craig January 24, 2004
Short for noob treat. One that is so bad, he is a treat even for noobs.
Have you seen this kid play halo? He's such a treat.
by Craig March 14, 2005
A Paddy is an Irishman. The traditional Irish name Patrick, used to be spelt Padrick in the slightly older days... Thus making the word Paddy.
Englishman: Hey Paddy! Paddy!
Irishman: Im going ta kill ya to be sure!
by Craig June 15, 2004

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