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164 definitions by craig

a woman, who all she talks about is sex,orgasms etc
that girl is so horny, she's a clitrature
by craig March 12, 2003
Slang for a 40oz bottle of beer. Reffers to its similarity in shape to a torpedo.
Can a brother get a buck for a torpedo Dogg?
by Craig October 29, 2002
Rant and Rave
Craig's List
Seems as though there are a few rules that not everybody here is abiding by when posting a Rant n Rave.
by craig March 18, 2005
the fine art of sex in the belly button
"yo dude, wanna spire me?"
by Craig February 03, 2004
To give Kate/KAT! Ningy, DAH!
Gently with your finger tips strumming Kates/KATS! back.
by Craig August 26, 2003
The vagina of a woman of Asian descent. This references the degree of rotation of her vagina in relation to the Caucasian woman's vagina of 0/180 degrees
That 90 270 is SICK! I'd hit that!
by Craig October 29, 2002
A terminology that, if applied in a certain way, can be deemed offensive.
As the guests arrived back at Faversham Retreat, exhausted from a day of Big Game hunting, they were greeted by Lord Fotheringham-Smyth's ever courteous monkey butler, who politely ushered them into the Portrait Room for pink gin and cucumber sandwiches.
by Craig July 07, 2004