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To express your feelings about a situation in an annoying manor all the time.
Shelby- "my back hurts", "my toe hurts","i dont what tacos for dinner"

Marc- no body cares, shut the hell up and stop complaining.
by kuchi_kuuu August 31, 2011
verb: to indirectly indicate (usually verbally) that you are either unwilling or unable to find a solution.
noun: an indirection (usually verbally) that you are either unwilling or unable to find a solution.
He kept complaining about things he hat the power to change.
by tithos December 17, 2014
A virtual verb that takes singular form regardless of amount of cyberfreaks this refers to since this plurality would be regarded as appropriately irrelevant, commonly used for plain computerised complaints of summary nature prominenlty displayed in blogs, forums and the likes.
Hey, aren't you the bloke who complains 'bout mistakenly taking mistook as alias upon losing an entire day's locality in reality, thanks to Mac and the Bean Stalker.
by Hercolena Oliver July 10, 2008
1- to say that you are annoyed, not satisfied, or unhappy about something or someone
2-used to say that a situation is satisfactory, even though there may be a few problems
3-to express
1-Residents are complaining because traffic in the area has increased.
2-I make a good living. I can't complain.
3-Dr M.K complains "we don't have any light reading"
by mahmood.Kia December 06, 2013
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