36 definitions by cornfritter

a thicker version of anal lube, often peanut butter
Turn around you silly lass and apply a generous helpin o'Jif buttputty to your sphincter so that I may insert my bologna log into your rusty bullet wound
by cornfritter October 19, 2010

1) a dumb motherfucker, dipshit, fucknut, stupid ass

2) a hot steaming shit, steamer, asslog, turd

3) a tiny hobbit looking bastard (much like wee-man...Johnny Knoxvilles butt buddy)
my fucking boss is such a fuckin schmogley, he fails to realize that I piss in his coffee pot every morning

oh dang girl, why you be comin up in my crib and leavin that 12 pound schmogley in my toilet? make me wonder jes how big your dirty asshole is......shi

Jackass 3D was the bomb, that lil schmogley took an apple to his tiny coin pouch
by cornfritter October 19, 2010
Noun. Swollen, arthritic knuckle(s) that make the hand of the sufferer appear like an enflamed skin sack full of marbles.
Hey D'Quandray! Tell yo triflin ass granny to stop yankin my peter with her old gangly badunkaknuckle man hands, or I will bus'a cap in her social security collectin ass!
by cornfritter October 19, 2010
n. a piece of cloth used to clean ones genitalia of residual intercourse fluids and/ or excrement
Whilst in Geomotry, Mrs Skelton sneezed... being of courteous nature and dubious upbringing, I offered her my stank hanky....to which she generously accepted (little did she know it was laden with multiple weeks worth of my girlfriends anal juices at differing stages of dryness)....teach her to give me a C
by cornfritter December 29, 2010
verb. to suck on a really old shriveled up wiener
For a young girl, Tanya really likes to travel round the countryside slurpin jerkey, I wonder what her parents think?
by cornfritter October 25, 2010
to cup ones scrotum with ones hand and walk briskly, typically performed whilst shopping for stuff to adorn said scrot (i.e. tassles, beads or jewels)
Larry: "please ask your mom to assist me as I tote the scrote this afternoon at the dollar general store"

Clark: "why I oughta"
by cornfritter October 25, 2010
noun. an extremely hairy girl - typically of italian or indian descent - who has a penchant for sucking on massive cocks... and, upon finishing the knobslob runs laps around the neighborhood screaming like a crazed wookie
Hey Steve, I never pegged your wife for a chewdicka, but now that she I see her running around the block, I see the accusations ring true
by cornfritter October 20, 2010

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