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the product of adorning ones wang with festive seasonal accouterments (bells, holly, garland etc.)
Dennis: I can't wait for the office holiday party this evening

Petra: Me neither

Dennis: I have been selecting multiple items from the Hobby Lobby so that I can show off me wang jangler

Petra: Neat, I am down with your wang jangler....
by cornfritter December 22, 2010
a game involving my balls and your chin
Me: Hey come over here!

You: Wha....? Can't you see I am busy rubbing linament on my browneye.

Me: I have a surprise...it is commonly referred to by its hebrew name, chinball

You: Ok....here I is....SLAP.(my balls on your chin)...merry christmas you fucking loser!
by cornfritter December 21, 2010
n. the littlest of christmas elves who is often relegated to cleaning the reindeer stalls of copious amounts of steaming shit as well as having phallis like toys tested on his bunghole prior to shipment; see also your dad
1) According to Mrs Claus, Bartholomew is this years scrote boy

2) Steve's dad is such a scrote boy
by cornfritter December 21, 2010
labia majora; enlarged vagina lip(s) as often seen hanging beneath promiscuous woman fun holes. These worn-out gutter sluts are usually found starring in low budget porns that involve multiple dongs - to include but not limited to those belonging to musk ox, rhino, common house cats, gorillas and german shepards
Nigel: I say old girl, why do you have sores on your pee curtain?

Kate: I been doing a bit of jungle fucking wit me poon snatch, I av.....pip pip, cheerio
by cornfritter December 14, 2010
Noun. the result of wiping ones shitty asshole forward through the vaginal region
Dex: Have you noticed how terrible our PE teacher Ms Linderhoffer smells?

Tres: Yesssir

Dex: If I had to guess, I would say that she is more than likely sporting a funky mudgully

Tres: Word!
by cornfritter October 25, 2010
The act of waddling - with pants down around the ankles - from one public bathroom stall to the next in search of paper with which to clean the poo from ones unwiped poopchute. This movement is typically used when a tiny piece of turd neglected to dislodge itself from said rusty balloon knot and their is little more than one square of shit ticket left in said stall and the person that has performed the shit wants not to incur a skid mark on their undergarments.
Ahmed is such a dipshit, he should know by now that the county is fiscally challenged and made a cognisant decision to forego toilet paper in all county schools, oh well I guess I will have inform Mrs Parrymore that he will be late to class again due to his 2 hour turd waddle
by cornfritter October 21, 2010
typically the second knuckle of your ring finger after finger fucking a womans tight puss with your pointer and middle fingers only; results from getting poo from her rectum hole on it
Celeste is great. First she slobbed my knob and gobbled the baby gravy then she licked my rusty fucknuckle clean of her week old ass mayo/ fudge stank combo. AND, I posted it on Youtube for all to see.
by cornfritter March 29, 2011

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