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The performer of anal sex; e.g. tappin the crap. The receiver would thus be the craptappee.
Elton John is a piano playin craptapper
by cornfritter July 20, 2012
a piece of menstrual scab that has fallen from the large womans (who resemebles a bovine) nappy hatchet wound
Lil Terrance: Did you bring pepperoni pizza again for lunch?

Philippe: nope, just some dough covered in rusty hoof nuggets, call me silly....but I likes me some of dem

Lil T: Sharesees?
by cornfritter December 21, 2010
1) A simple - OD Green in color - sock used by Army Soldiers to jack off into while in a "field environment", thus hiding jism from fellow comrades who might may make fun of Sergeant Masturbater by coaxing - often at gunpoint - the penis pumper to eat said sock

2) A female Soldier used as a platoon fuck buddy during deployments, often fugly in appearance with a vagina as vast and expansive as worn out tube sock
1) Private Smith!, quite fucking your field sock and report to KP, ASAP, you fucker!

2) 2nd Lieutenant Partin let the whole goddamn 101st up in her granny snatch, dat shit bout loose as a field sock
by cornfritter December 06, 2010
the act of ramming your hard penis into anothers mouth so that the head makes vigorous contact with the back of the throat/ tonsil region...may result in a gag reflex of recipient
Terrences' mother enjoys me tonsil tapping her old saggy nutslurping ass
by cornfritter November 19, 2010
verb. to fuck someone in a lower social class; during the middle ages this used to be the noblemans right

noun. a bieber-esque hairstyle worn by fucktards, these dipshits wear to tight tee shirts overlaid by flannel shirts and large amounts of silly bandz on their limp wrists
v. Sir John Bellaire: I believe I will travel to Yorkshire and have a right good low bang upon finishing my ale and roast mutton dinner

n. Kyle does not realize that his low bang style is leading to a beat down of the worst kind, when in the name of shit does that spoon chest think he will get around to cutting that?
by cornfritter October 27, 2010
The act of tightly gripping your balls with one hand - vigorously pulling them downward - then using your other hand to pull your dong (aka lil hulkster) upward, all whilst spoutin some mad WWE talk like you was challengin Ric Flair to a smackdown. For maximum reaction, perform this move in large open public places such as malls, coffee shops and/ or local parks.
Felicia: "OMG, I am beyond embarrassment"

Stacy: "why?"

Felicia: "David was out all last night at the roller rink chokin the hogan, that alone would not have been so bad but he had just shaved a Nike swoosh and a TW symbol in his nut hairs."

Stacy: "crazy asshole"
by cornfritter October 25, 2010
the act of placing ones unwiped asshole on an unsuspecting persons forehead, the placee then grips the ears of the stampee forcing the forehead in a violently upwards motion resulting in a distinct seal of approval shitstain on the forehead; this move is typically performed whilst giving her the arabian goggles; the nature of ones feces must be such that the hue is mustard yellow in color and should be performed after ingesting large amounts of cole slaw, dill relish, saurkraut and copious amounts of Old Milwaukee.
Your mom most definitely did not appreciate the mustard stamp that I gave her last week....yet, I find humor in the fact that she has yet to clean it off???
by cornfritter October 25, 2010

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