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waxy shit consistency caused by constipation and the ingesting of large amounts of candy corn, twizzlers, peeps, and egg-nog; also caused by one shoving to many sugar babies up the rectum
I have placed a 14" long log of asstaffy on a paper plate and set it upon Mrs. Hernandez's desk....I am nervous and it is my sincerest hope that I ace my Espanol final.....she is the only thing standing between my and acceptance to community college....fiesta time!
by cornfritter December 21, 2010
The sticky feeling in your ass after you have just wiped.
After I was finished taking a shit, I wiped my ass thoroughly, but still had the feeling of ass taffy.
by Arnold B. Wally March 11, 2008
Ass taffy is just another word for shit. Its inspiration was the D4L song "Laffy Taffy."
"So, I was about to give her head. But when I pull off her underwear, they're filled with ass taffy."
by John Owen November 26, 2005

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