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slang for a male person to place his penis inside of a female persons vagina and proceed to pump said penis in & out increasing in both speed and friction. Male must possess sufficienct length as to "bottom out" and hit guts
Yo my nigga...Bonequeshquesh be a straight up freak, she be lovin me when I git da guts....no what ahmsayin?
by cornfritter December 13, 2010
dog shit with peanuts in it typically found in the yards of dog owners who are either incapable of cleaning said poo up or simply like the odor and decor that said crap brings to their dwelling
I am packaging yard snickers so that I may send gifts to family this holiday season...after all times are tough and its the thought that counts.....Merry Christmas mother fuckers!
by cornfritter November 29, 2010
waxy shit consistency caused by constipation and the ingesting of large amounts of candy corn, twizzlers, peeps, and egg-nog; also caused by one shoving to many sugar babies up the rectum
I have placed a 14" long log of asstaffy on a paper plate and set it upon Mrs. Hernandez's desk....I am nervous and it is my sincerest hope that I ace my Espanol final.....she is the only thing standing between my and acceptance to community college....fiesta time!
by cornfritter December 21, 2010
white filmy substance excreted from the end of my dong; similar in consistency to tapioca; also refered to as jism, mansauce, baby gravy, sperm, cum, wad, splooge, etc.
Neal: Celeste really made a lasting impression on me after our first date

Rory: how so?

Neal: she not only tongued my turdpipe but asked for a heapin helpin of my scrotioca as dessert

Rory: wow, she sounds like a keeper

Neal: Gosh, I'd say
by cornfritter October 26, 2010
A facebook profile pic featuring a close-up view of one human testicle
Nice pic you fucking facenad freak, now I have to go rinse my eyes out in an attempt to get the vision of your overly veiny, hairless coin pouch out of my head
by cornfritter January 12, 2011
a piece of shit
Stephanie visited me ome last night and filled me crapper with 11 softball sized bumdumplings....the lass may want to have er shat hole checked prior to reimbursing the town for the sewer damage
by cornfritter January 03, 2011
a sexually deviant act performed by a man (first name: Robert) on a woman whereas the woman proceeds to shit her pants (whilst wearing them) and the man shoots his hot baby-gravy on said shat pants, the woman then proceeds to clean off the Fudgepants by consuming the mixture using only a wooden spoon.
I picked up this chick at Target and gave her the Spoogebob Fudgepants in the dressing room.....she had a lot of nerve, didn't even thank me and sheees did that joint smell
by cornfritter December 29, 2010

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