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Noun. A female Halloween partygoer who adorns herself with a plentiful helpin o' baby gravy (sperm) on her face and proceeds to parade around the party spooking others.
Dude 1 (Dracula costume) -"have you seen Denise tonight? She indicated she would be in a funny costume"

Dude 2 (Sponge Bob costume) - "she is right over there, sporting that goop goblin costume"

Dude 1 (Dracula) - "funny???....I believe it to be a bit more trifling!"
by cornfritter October 15, 2010
the sexual act of a large nosed woman performing a reach around while placing - and keeping - her big ol' schnozz up the asshole of the person she is jerking off
Clarence: Cassandra gave Jeb a rusty tucan last night during parent-teacher conferences

Barb: Really? I though that the brown spot on her nose in her new Facebook profile pic was caused by poor camera work

Clarence: Nope! She is back to her old tricks again...that no good big nosed stank trick...
by cornfritter December 21, 2010
another term for dick, wang, cock, wiener, meatlog, mandangler, skinflute, etc.
Clay: Hey Tyler, I hear your mom has been fishin for buckle bass and is in danger of catching her limit

Tyler: shut up damnit, you are going to piss me off and then you will not be allowed to come over to my house anymore and eat nutterbutters
by cornfritter October 26, 2010
a sleeping bag filled with hot methane that has been exhaled from ones anus
Boy Scout Leader Bill: "have you gone to the cabin to wake up the boys yet?, you know it is fishing day"

Boy Scout Leader Eric: "hell no, I am not going in there with all those damn bung ovens"
by cornfritter October 21, 2010
The performer of anal sex; e.g. tappin the crap. The receiver would thus be the craptappee.
Elton John is a piano playin craptapper
by cornfritter July 20, 2012
n. A piece of shit that has yet to be dislodged from ones anus hole. This often occurs when said poo is similar in consistency to that of peanut butter and the person wants not to wipe prior to releasing the turd into the bowl. The desire to forego wiping is brought about by one not wanting to wipe said asshole 30 - 50 times. Techniques employed in an effort to break off the rogue turd include, bouncing and pulling butt cheeks apart, and - as a last resort - severe straining and contraction of the stomach muscles.
Bernice: Girl, guess what I did last night?

Gina: What?

Bernice: I broke two blood vessels in my cornea tryin to dislodge a 3 pound stank dangler from my dirty booty hole

Gina: Wow! Did you save it?
by cornfritter December 15, 2010
1) A simple - OD Green in color - sock used by Army Soldiers to jack off into while in a "field environment", thus hiding jism from fellow comrades who might may make fun of Sergeant Masturbater by coaxing - often at gunpoint - the penis pumper to eat said sock

2) A female Soldier used as a platoon fuck buddy during deployments, often fugly in appearance with a vagina as vast and expansive as worn out tube sock
1) Private Smith!, quite fucking your field sock and report to KP, ASAP, you fucker!

2) 2nd Lieutenant Partin let the whole goddamn 101st up in her granny snatch, dat shit bout loose as a field sock
by cornfritter December 06, 2010

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