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what your vagina looks like after you fuck a bunch of guys.
"She fucked so many guys."
"I know i heard her pussy looks like tapioca pudding."
by Barney 1235 October 29, 2009
Ugly and or deformed in someway.
Juan: DAMN, have you seen lauren hein's face?
Jasmine: RIGHT? hello- that looks like some straight up tapioca right there!
Lauren: ( is crying )

Gordon: Gabby your hair looks so good today!
Everyone else: your hair looks like crusty nappy tapioca- go home beat lookin' bitch
by Punaner June 16, 2008
Being broke, having no money.
Can't go out drinking tonight, I'm tapioca until payday.
by CojoKerr July 29, 2007
weird clumpy pudding that tastes like heaven in the form of diahrrea
1.I was eating tapioca pudding and i didnt know what the fuck was in it.

2.Before i mushroomstamp someone i dip my dick in tapioca.
by Daxton July 26, 2006
A thin white flat tortilla-like pancake made from manioc flour generally baked in charcoal stove with ripe coconut flesh inside, very commom in Northeastern Brazil.
Hey, we can find a great variety of tapioca in Brazil: we have tapioca with coconut flesh, also with cheese and condensed milk. Which one do you prefer?
by Lino Dino October 21, 2006
An old man's semen.
I went to my grandpas house and there was tapioca in the shower!
by I like funbags March 11, 2008