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1:A girl who will party hard anywhere, even if the party is shit she will get down and get naked.
2: A girl who likes to fuck, usually will either swallow or let you spray it all over her. Also prone to threesomes (including bi), and taking it in the wrong 'un
This chick last night was a total party girl, I pulled it out here arse and then she swallowed! Dirty bitch!
by Chest August 03, 2003
To ejaculate onto something, your hand, your favourite 'rhythm' magazine, or an unsuspecting young fillies face.
Cleanup on ilse five!
by Chest August 03, 2003
To engage in intercourse, to have sex, to fuck like stoned test bunnies.
Oh sexy Atomic kitten ladies, I would love to ramshank with you!
by Chest August 03, 2003
1:A load of jizz
2:A cock, as it transports the yoghurt
I crashed the yoghurt truck into my girlfriends face last night!
by Chest August 03, 2003
Lame ass movie. I want my fiver back, Diesel.
Did you see xXx?
No I fell into a coma after 5 minutes of that complete pile of cat faeces.
by Chest November 17, 2003
the red coconut. One with a red head. Kinda like carrot top, in Espanol, but hes a nut
Hey, coco rojo, what's up asshole?-
Coco Rojo is back in town.
by Chest June 20, 2003
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