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Shat-pank, comes from the tv program bo`selecta.
meaning great, brilliant or anything good. to be used in conversation.
that cup of tea was shatpank.
my day has been shatpank.
you look shatpank.
by daniel May 21, 2004
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good, cool, excellent, phat. can be shortened to sh'pank. complete and utter greatness
'did you watch the film last night?'
'yeh it was shat pank'
by flave July 08, 2004
Something totally awesome, or feeling very good about yourself.
1: Hey dude how was that bitch you ramshanked with last night? She was Shatpank!
2: How you doing G? I'm shatpank thanks.
by Chest August 03, 2003
Very good
Woo ma biznitch thats proper Shatpank
by The pisa October 10, 2003
A word used to describe a shit head, but with out saying shit head. Yeah.
Douche : I fancy your girlfriend mate.

Not-douche : Shut up you shatpank. Go home.

Douche : What?

Not-douche : You heard. Shatpank.
by <3 vicky June 15, 2010
Really good - see also "heavyweight"
that pint of Stella is proper sahtpank
by AL April 26, 2004
1) Its Jive Talk for good
2) Its Nigga Talk for bad
1) Im feelin shatpank
2) Im feelin shatpank you hoe
by Lezbo Crew August 23, 2003

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