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An alcoholic drink that has been adulterated with a drug that causes the drinker to pass out, typically chloral hydrate.
When John woke up naked in an alley behind the bar, he figured that the bartender had slipped him a Micky Finn.
by Bart January 07, 2005
A cookie that a group of guys gather around and beat off onto. Whoever is the last to squeeze it off has to eat the bukaki cookie for honor.
Kyle: hey you guys, you wanna play scum cookie?
Mitch & George: Hell yeah!!!
Mike: Dude, can I just call an automatic last?
by Bart December 21, 2005
Sperm, ejaculate, warm cum that oozes from a juicy cock.
I like to swallow jisim when I go down on my lovers.
by Bart June 04, 2003
One who creeps through the grass on his soft under-belly.
Sneaky Snake is creaping up alongside the truck. Guess it's time to do a little snake-huntin!!
by Bart July 01, 2003
1. Stupid person
2. To become angry
Don't get thick with me you thick cunt.

He's as thick as a short plank.
by bart September 23, 2004
A cock.
"The snake likes to burrow deep in the black hole."
by Bart June 05, 2003
someone who is stinking ugly
damn that bitch is smugley!
by bart April 04, 2005

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