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to be lazy, lame, or without purpose.
"Danny is such a burrow" or "I feel so burrow right now."
by Jasi December 22, 2004
diggn' n' shit
"I had to burrow alot to finally find the pink"
"It took a while to burrow all the way to the source"
by BurrowerMan November 03, 2009
A person who kicks ass and is the star of every show.
Person 1: Hey man that guy is kicking your brothers ass out there!
Person 2: Ya hes being a total burrows!

Example 2
Person 1: Hey man did you see the new burrows?
Person 2: Ya hes lighting it up!
by HeaTSCoRe April 22, 2009
A slang word for sex. Originating in London c. 2009
When I next see you, I wish to burrow you, like there is no tomorrow
by Sir Derek April 24, 2010
To firstly drink 3 litres of sainsbury's basics cider, then go out and kick the shit out of a zumba fitness sign at a nightclub. Then to get a job working for the aforementioned night club.
"Last night I did a burrows and I owe them £270. Fucks sake."
by wardth December 02, 2011
to wedge face in between legs when someone is laying on their stomach.
I burrowed her while she was sleeping.
by thevaliantknight September 08, 2008
a squiggly movement to position oneself farther into a destination
'It's cold. I'm gonna burrow deeper into my blankets'
by jen March 02, 2005