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the apex of the female form, a girl so beautiful you'd give yer left nut to rummage through her furry field
D'you see that girl?
Yeah....top hole.
by Bart February 18, 2004
The color a set of lips turn after being wrapped around a cock an extended amount of time.
"I don't like when I turn into a blue gummer since the tingling and numness keep my lips uncomfortable."
"I get off when a girl or guy is a blue gumming on my cock."
by Bart June 04, 2003
Small particles with shit veins.
I like to stroke my little cock to something resembling life while gay wrestlers fist shrimp in my loose asshole.
by Bart June 04, 2003
To engage in the sort of sexual banter witnessed in such 70s and 80s cinematic juggernauts like "Pretty In Pink," "St. Elmo's Fire" or anything else starring Molly Ringwald and / or a song by the Psychedelic Furs.
"Dude, did dhe make out with Ducky? Nah, man... he got to first with Blaine though."
by Bart June 17, 2003
the BEST paintball company their is, not only do they have fast service, they have great products.
i will be AKA ballin for LIFE, because the viking and excalibur are better than everything else!

my 03 hellfire orange streamline viking OWNS your crappy *place any kind of marker here*
by Bart July 25, 2004

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