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cross between shit and fucker used as an offence
Leachy you shucker you couldnt referee a table!
by ash May 10, 2005
When virgins make love for the first time.
"We made a teenage love song."
by Ash February 15, 2005
one of the most amazing metal bands ever, started in the early 80's, and one of the only one's that have stayed true to metal, each one of their albums have its own distinct sound that still manages to be diverse

the original lineup had joey belladonna as the lead singer but in the early 90's belladonna was replaced with john bush, producing some of the best anthrax albums to date, namely We've Come For You All which had Dimebag playing lead on two of the songs, one of the best and most underrated albums to come out in the past five years

john bush was recently replaced for joey belladonna as the lead singer and anthrax is doing a "reunion" tour although i hope that john bush soon rejoins the band again as the music produced during the john bush era was superior to and more mature than earlier anthrax albums
I hope Anthrax comes to their senses soon and gets rid of Belladonna for Bush.
by ash January 08, 2006
Clinton is a batty boy
by ash May 06, 2003
to kick something, usually a ball.
a drop punt from 50 metres is beautifully delivered by matthew richardson!
by ash October 28, 2004
means you
by ash April 18, 2003
Hall's Slang for biznatchasquatchhotchpotch. Loosely translates to bitch.
oh, you're such a 'potch.
by Ash August 08, 2003

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