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mrgh (adjective?) - used for conveying intense emotion of many different kinds depending on it's precise execution. Originated in Cambridge, England.
"Mrgh - my essay's due in two hours and I haven't even started it yet".
by ash April 29, 2003
cocks, penis etc
the bitch likes bininers
by ash April 18, 2003
1. Attractive woman men want to fuck
2. describing something good
1. "she's a byoor"/ "he's out fuckin' da byoors!
2. "that song is byoor!"
by Ash February 16, 2005
noun. crazy compulsive blanking
person X: heloooooooo
person Y: .
person X: u ayt?
person Y: .

(tumbleweed blows in the wind)

person X: dnt do "The Gary" on meeee!
by ash April 10, 2005
some one...who is..jacking around..and shit
dude...quit assing around.
by Ash September 24, 2004
it was out there and scary but exciting
jumpin outta a plane or doin a move on ur motorbike!"that shits narley"
by ash January 04, 2005
1st class joka - also means sweet talker n playz galz on da d-low!
omdzzz hey hij!! alrite ladieS!!
by ash November 01, 2004

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