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a guy who cums quickly during sexual intercourse
Ray came over last nite and we had sex. We started @1:45 but he was finished by 1:47; he is such a skeetfast!
by Ash March 19, 2005
Vasaline used for sexual pleasure, used mostly by gays or pople who enjoy anal
" If you want to give me anal im gonna need Vasaloob"
by Ash February 10, 2005
When chris is trying to act random, but everyone knows he's totally planned.
"Chris is being like so non-thesaurusical right now, i think i could wet myself because it's so funny
by Ash December 15, 2004
ASCII version of the symbol for Neo-Gothic band Razed in Black; generally used for shorthand in typing to improve speed. www.razedinblack.net
Dude, have you heard the single "Blush" by <in>
by Ash October 11, 2004
by ash May 08, 2003
mrgh (adjective?) - used for conveying intense emotion of many different kinds depending on it's precise execution. Originated in Cambridge, England.
"Mrgh - my essay's due in two hours and I haven't even started it yet".
by ash April 29, 2003
cocks, penis etc
the bitch likes bininers
by ash April 18, 2003

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