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brule means if someone is unattractive
e.g= butters
= minger
oh my god look at the girl
yeh she is so brule
can she get any uglier?
by ash February 23, 2005
Sedan made by Acura which is really just Honda back from 1992-1994. It had a 176 hp in line 5 cyl which at the time was serious power. The current TL model took over for the vigor in 1995. Great car in all ways less the shitty ABS system.
About 30,000 vigors were imported to the US over the 3 year run.
by Ash January 21, 2005
another name for a dog
that is some ugly khairun
by ash November 27, 2004
pritt means if someone is attractive / beautiful
wow that girl was so pritt
did you see that jacket last night. it was so pritt!
by ash February 24, 2005
A place where 14 year old kids go to pretend to be grownups, causing nothing but drama, and irritation to other Furries.
Those bloody brats in Ayenee broke into the Mancer forest again.
by Ash April 10, 2005
My SeXiE DoMiNiCan/PuErTo RiCaN whoo iz soooo sooo flyy... n tha bessttt "significant other" ... anyone could evvvver have!!!
DaMn ... U got a 10 looks and a 10 personality ... u dunn pulled a MANNIE on mee
by ASH July 03, 2003
'Red Shite'

refers to Liverpool Football Club, all their satanic works, their followers, the very concept of LFC
'we don't care what the red shite says .....' (repeat ad nauseam)
by ash April 21, 2005
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