Top Definition
Catch you later
CrazyOstrich101: ok my moms screaming my name i g2g
FunkyEmuMan2000: kk cyl
CrazyOstrich101: um what??
FunkyEmuMan2000: dude....catch you later. duh.
by FunkyCrazyOstrichEmuMan1012000 February 04, 2010
Comment you later.
Amanda- I have to go now.
Caz- Okay. ttyl
Amanda- Ttyl.
Caz- CYL sounds a lot better
Amanda- CYL?
Caz- Comment you later.
by trickstermistahj October 14, 2009
Another slang term for weed.
The cop was on the corner with the juveniles smoking a cyl.
by StandardBlueCaboose October 24, 2004
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