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The carrying out of something.

The event or occurance of a thing that is executed.
The execution of this software will result in a virus spreading all over the Internet.
by Jon Davis January 13, 2004
The act of carrying out a death sentence, typically due to a major infraction of the law. This is most commonly done by injection of a deadly substance. Certain countries have public executions, public events where people are welcome to watch the executions of felons. The term is also associated with the murder of hostages at the hands of terrorists.
Terrorist groups usually videotape the execution of their hostages
by UnfunnyBob July 23, 2016
1)the act of purifying society from it's worthless scum(community service). Instead of feeding useless cracker asses they just get killed. see .50 CAL
2)Capital punishment
great news: 53 mother fuckers got wasted, the streets will be clean tomorrow.
by firewolf238 September 13, 2004
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