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76 definitions by ash

my other nickname my dad calls me
hey purd!
by ash July 10, 2003
6 16
some one who acts stoopid to get a ttention.
megan is such an ass hag
by Ash September 24, 2004
3 14
Pertaining to someone/something that is gay/stupid/idotic
d00d, you are such a flamer.

My computer is such a flamer

Yo dawg, quit being a flamer
by Ash September 27, 2003
3 14
some kid who wears really weird clothes and stripy socks and aint quite a goth but listens to rock music.
"You dirty jitter"
by Ash July 22, 2003
14 26
brule means if someone is unattractive
e.g= butters
= minger
oh my god look at the girl
yeh she is so brule
can she get any uglier?
by ash February 23, 2005
2 15
another name for a dog
that is some ugly khairun
by ash November 27, 2004
4 17
A safe haven for like-minded rationalists to enjoy thoughtful discourse as well as emotional support; an escape from the judgemental eyes of the shiny-happy world.
Tired of everyone's bullshit attempts to try to save you? Come to the bus stop and hang out with some real people, bid farewell to others catching a bus, and maybe even schedule a bus ride for yourself.
by ASH September 21, 2004
9 22