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fuck; with a hint of cool
let's get the fizzuck outta herre!
by andyfellovernet April 03, 2003
when a game you are playing online has an inordinate amount of lag it can be deemed 'lagalicious.'
On my computer even single player games are lagalicious.
by andyfellovernet June 27, 2003
Used when in a situation that is not favorable. See also: crummy
"This traffic is crumby!"
"enuff Z'nuff"
by andyfellovernet April 08, 2003
when something ain't that great; also a teen girl squad group saying as well as death word.
"Kristina looks burnt or dead."
"wOOt!...I mean Crummy!"
by andyfellovernet April 08, 2003
1) a painful alternative to waxing or shaving.
2) fat people who cannot afford/fit in to regular store-bought thongs go the route of the duct tape thong
3) what Kasia wears
4) what paul doesnt want to be strangled by
"I think she put some purple fabric around her duct tape thong to make it look real."
"Look at that fatty bowl in her duct tape thong, ewwwww!!!1"
by andyfellovernet June 14, 2003
When you take one of George world-famous dildos which is made out of hand carved soap bars and attach it to the center portions of a passed out drunk kid. May be followed by a healthy teabagging.
"George carve me up a dildo, I've got a feeling Peto is gunna be passed out at this party tonight."
by andyfellovernet June 25, 2003
sprite; a carbonated thirst quenching drink
I gots to hizzit tha sprizzite and quench my thizzirst
by andyfellovernet April 03, 2003

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