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A slang term often used by nuns that expresses their ineptitude and lack of intelligence on so many levels.
"The answer is right, see I don't me follow."
by andyfellovernet April 10, 2003
See above definition; also newly divorced bull-dyke. Her bitch finally grew a pair and told the man-hater to eat shit.
"Hey, I realized you are a hockey playing guy and I am married to a man, I will never speak to you again, please don't kick my ass"
by andyfellovernet May 24, 2003
a hockey playing, man-hating, bad teaching, mung loving, bull-dyke who makes children cry in their sleep on the entire western hemisphere; also: krack whore
"Dude, I saw krakauer last night..."
"I'm sorry, here is a razorblade, let it go."
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
The skin that causes the sound of a fart located on the anus.
That sucks ass flaps.
by andyfellovernet October 28, 2003
A chubrock is the boner that the tomato mascot outside of Fazoli's gets
"Let's give this Fazoli's tomato a nice chubrock by stealing Andy's Mom's dildo and attatching it to his center portions."
by andyfellovernet May 24, 2003
the equivalency of munging Mrs. Heming or Cheming; makes barfing a desirable option
"That guy totally just munged a dead nun!" barf-vomit-barf
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
Used when not in a favorable sitchyation; see also: crummy,crumby
2) when something is not up to par on a solidity level
"This looks crumbly to me."
"That sugar cube house is crumbly."
"That beeyotch is crumbly in a very sexual way."
by andyfellovernet April 08, 2003
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