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Family safe definition or code word for checking out ass in public.
Merkle: Damn, there are some hot bitches here.

Akers: Def some quality fabric today!
by spankdaddy June 23, 2011
A Club located in Faringdon, London known best for its Hardcore drum&bass and local Grime.
Mathew: Hey u heading down Fabric tonight, gonna be some sik drum&bass?
Josh: Nah i cant handle all that, i'l stick with My Chemical Romance.
Mathew: waste.
by Demon616 April 29, 2007
Code name for women in public. As opposed to saying alot of ass.
Steve: Want to walk around the mall?

Akers: Sure, hopefully there is some quality fabric!
by spankdaddy June 02, 2011
Underwear. Comes from underwear being made out of fabrics, a fresh name.
"Ease boi, what ya be lookin' fo'?"
"Ma fabrics man, my bitch took 'em"
by Aike April 10, 2006
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