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Q: Would you rope up with Jon Krakauer?
A: Only if he leads so he can't stab me in the back.

Definition: backstabber, hatchet job in media
Did you see that dude get krakauered on the news last night? Man, what a hachet job!
by snowleopard1957 November 05, 2013
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See above definition; also newly divorced bull-dyke. Her bitch finally grew a pair and told the man-hater to eat shit.
"Hey, I realized you are a hockey playing guy and I am married to a man, I will never speak to you again, please don't kick my ass"
by andyfellovernet May 24, 2003
a hockey playing, man-hating, bad teaching, mung loving, bull-dyke who makes children cry in their sleep on the entire western hemisphere; also: krack whore
"Dude, I saw krakauer last night..."
"I'm sorry, here is a razorblade, let it go."
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003

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