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42 definitions by andyfellovernet

The art of jumping over a pickleball net with a badminton racquet in hand, the cock is hit against a wall and over the net while the athlete must clear the net and return the already served cock. Nearly impossible, but accomplishable.
"Hey guys, check this out, I'm gunna hit the cock against the wall and jump over the net and hit it back." -Andy
Barf-curdle-laugh- class
by andyfellovernet June 21, 2003
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Tony Tomato's group of misfit friends. His girlfriend, Elise, the douche pad. As well as his best buddy, Car, the cock.
"Those crazy pasta pals are always helping tony out when he gets those damned chubrock things. It really is too bad that the novelty of attaching a dildo to a food service mascot isn't present when the mascots are already sexual in nature. I mean come on, she is a douche pad and he is a cock."
by andyfellovernet June 17, 2003
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beanie wearing, salad tossing, non-mormon with very gay tendencies.
"Super fag totally just checked out my ass!"
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
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the military police; those whom rape the high schoolers for speeding
fuck tha mo' po'
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
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fat beyond compare; also reffered to ass thunder thighs; leading cause of vomit in the town of colorado springs since 1979.
"I almost got ate by her thighs"-many unfortunate young men who sat in the front row of her class
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
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used as a form of initiation when your naked ass is dragged over a rough carpet; usually resulting in a bloody ass and scars for life; also the inability to sit
"the ass drag made me cry for hours"
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
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Similar to cross country, but instead of normal people running...it is morbidly obese people running (or at least attempting to). A horrifying and unpopular face melting spectacle.
Congratulations fatty, you are the gross country champion. Look at the trail of vomit behind you!
by andyfellovernet October 29, 2003
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