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42 definitions by andyfellovernet

a species of animal with an ass for a face. Normally talks out of the cornhole. see also: really ugly dogs
"Paul, your dog is a fuckin' bandaloon."
by andyfellovernet June 19, 2003
2 1
to agree; to confirm; to affirm; when something is right, it can be deemed confirmative.
"Dude, chicks are for fags."
"Confirmative, I mean really the last time i wear those shorts i got beat up."
by andyfellovernet June 14, 2003
8 7
1: The fusion of a spaghetti sauce dildo attached to the center portions of the Fazoli's tomato mascot.
2: (A crude version)Take a regular chubrock and toss some spaghetti sauce on the flesh colored dildo...bam!, you got yourself a spaghetti sauce chubrock.
"This chubrock could only be topped with a warm serving of spaghetti sauce. Luckily we are here at Fazoli's and have plenty to spare."
by andyfellovernet June 08, 2003
2 1
1: The art of a reverse backhand under the legs and out the butthole launching the cock over the net in badminton.
2: When you fart on a stranger, laugh obnoxiously, then try to start a conversation like nothing has happened.
Teve-"Pfffghgugggle, hahahahahahaha"
Janitor-"You just farted on me."
Teve-"So what does this job pay?"
by andyfellovernet June 04, 2003
5 4
like herre but therre; Nelly sucks
Let's go over therre!
by andyfellovernet April 03, 2003
5 4
about at that time; around that time
"Okay, I'll be there around thennish."
by andyfellovernet June 27, 2003
0 0
commonly used to put an end to gaydom; also used as a popularity point raising device
"enuff, Z'nuff"
"Dag yo, that guy is tha sprizzite"
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
3 3