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Someone with big hair like me
That guy is just so Afrolicious.
by A September 18, 2003
Bad, horrible, shitty, awful.

Tony didn't help us with our group project at all-all of the info that he gave us was BUNKASS.

What a waste of my day! That's so bunkass!
by A March 06, 2005
Money- as in Federal Reserve Note
I can't go out tonight cause I ain't got no federals
by a March 30, 2004
Often used by someone to describe themselves as "genuine" or "authentic". It is perhaps the most overused and generic word in current use, rendering it almost meaningless. Browse any personals advertisements and every other person who lacks a sufficiently descriptive vocabulary will describe themselves as "real".
I am for real.
by A May 19, 2004
an archiac and insulting word that people from other countries use to describe americans.
"hey, that makes u a yank."

"eat shit fuckhead."
by a February 12, 2004
an expression used to convey happiness and/or satisfaction and accomplishment
"Bamsalabam! I so got an A on that test!"
by A December 13, 2004
wimp plus wuss equal wump
Jeff is a wump that goes to bed at 7:30pm
by A March 28, 2004
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