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a burp laced with a little vomit, usually occurs when you've had one too many and it has become difficult to distinguish between the two
I made it through the whole night without vomiting, not including vurps, of course.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 28, 2002
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A burp which results in the regurgitation of a small amount of solid material into your mouth (not necessarily vomit, but more than reflux).
Brad: *vuuuuurp*
Brad: "Mmm, chunky!"
Janet: "What's chunky, Brad?"
Brad: "Let's just say I'm enjoying that last slice of pizza again..."
by Jaimieralia June 17, 2005
When a person burps and slightly vomits in their mouth while doing so.
Man: "I just had a vurp."
Woman: "What's that?"
Man: "When I burped some food came up with it."
by Alixxx7 March 03, 2009
to burp up vomit that burns in your throat.
oh fuck guys, i just vurped.
by aubrey c December 16, 2007
A vommity burp.
when you burp and a little of whats in your stomach comes up in your mouth Burrrp... eew I just had a vurp.. Dude! I just vurped.
by me 13 March 25, 2010
When you burp and vomit comes up
I vurped all over my shirt today
by satanic_beauty April 29, 2010
Like sharting, but when you burp and you accidentally throw some vomit up along with it.
I just vurped that nasty hometown buffet after chugging 3 beers.
by Vileshadowpoon June 28, 2014

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