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Breasts characterized by smallness of size, but with pointier, harder, and possibly longer nipples (similar in appearance to the raised area of skin after being bitten by a mosquito).
She's got a small rack, but you've got to admit, those are some cute mosquito bites.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
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When one's tatas are so small they look similar to mosquito bites. The chick in a group of girls with the smallest bazooms.
Wow Teresa you don't even need a bra for them mosquito bites!
by LindseyHarris October 19, 2006
small breast
why do you use a bra," mosquito bites"?
by adan_man December 25, 2008
1)A female suffering from undersized mammary glands.
2)An irreversible disorder that affects many unlucky women.
3)Small ass boobs; This may correlate with flat asses.
Blessy Thomas from Mesquite, Texas suffers from mosquito bites.
by Kootchie Patrol March 27, 2007
Boobs that are extremely small. Boobs that are the size of mosquito bites
I'm a guy and i have bigger boobs than that chick... She's got mosquito bites...
by CoachGraham31 June 26, 2011
mosquito bites is another phrase meaning no boobs at all
omg that girll alice has no boobs she has mosquito bites
by loulouxxx June 22, 2009
really small muscles
That guy has incredibly small mosquito bites
by A May 15, 2004

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