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That stupid annoying fucking shit that delays viewing of pleasurable video entertainment via the internet. RealPlayer grossly exploits this atrocity of humanity.
"Buffering . . . "
by mikeschneider May 16, 2006
The short break(s) a dude takes during sex to make sure he doesn't get too excited and blow his load.

(Usually in an effort to make sure she comes first)
DUDE: (stops or slows down during intercourse)
GIRL: What happened?
DUDE: It's alright darling, I am buffering...
by Appelby October 20, 2009
A computer term, means to temporarily store data in an area or device
Suzy was listening to the radio over the internet when it stopped playing. She looked at the program and it said "buffering".
by KrrazyM July 12, 2005
Buffering refers to that period of time that you lost previous to when you suddenly become aware you are now not doing anything. This is your brain trying to load normal function and cognition whilst enhanced or debilitated by mind altering drugs. The time you were buffering will be unbeknown to the bufferer and they will then continue with a new task or indeed the original task.
Guys what was i doing? I seem to have been buffering...I'll rack up the next line then!
by Little Face December 12, 2014
To work the outside of a woman's vagina (including but not limited to the clitoris) without any actual finger penetration. Please see the Oxford dictionary 'to buffer"...... polishing brass to a high sheen
"i love my boyfriend more than One D right now....he buffered me like no other this morning......... absolutely no finger violation, just plain, simple and beautiful clit buffering to orgasm. It was so pleasant and buffering with love that i immediately gave him deep throat...and instantaneous reaction that every woman will naturally feel after a good buffering"
by smithyof's May 22, 2014
the process of breaking up weed to be put in a weed smoking apparatus, such as packing a bowl or rolling a blunt.
Rob: What's up dude, playing a piano over there?

Chris: Dude, buffering at 58%!
by /chris-correia/ February 16, 2009
to be eatten out in a circular motion and being cleaned out dry... like a buffer to a floor.
fred was buffering suzy as if there were no tomorrow
by buddy April 08, 2004
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