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A fart.
Terry just let out a wicked chunk.
by A January 16, 2004
Hard pounding original dance music taking in styles from Techno to Trance
Have you heard any NRGFlow tunes......fucking badboys!
by A May 14, 2003
A combonation of burping and vommiting. Ussually a small amout of vommit.
He vommited a little when he burped.
by A February 16, 2005
A cigarette. Name derived from the colour of the paper over the filter.
"Set me a brown, blud"
by A February 22, 2005
To talk endlessly, usually when talking incorrectly.
"What you chattin' bout?"
by A February 22, 2005
A really cool word Alyssa and Alicia made up; props to Ciara; means something is really cool; outrageous; incredible; amazing; hypnotic; super; well done; nothing you have ever seen before
Your new outfit is supersonicfunkyfresh!

Have you heard the new Britney song? It's supersonicfunkyfresh.
by A January 18, 2005
'One who is cheap'
'You cheap ass Minch'
by A October 29, 2003
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