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you get sexiled when your roommate asks or forces you to leave your room, because s/he wants some intimacy with his/her S.O.
I got sexiled last night and slept in the nerd box.
by a January 18, 2000
An opiate of the ninteenth century. Good times.
Let us procure some laudanum henry and be cultured. ha HA ha HA.
by a February 28, 2004
a clever combination of "whore" and "moron." an ingenious girl attending clark came up with it.
you're a whoron.
by a May 23, 2004
Its over
Man-Step up bitch fo shizzel ma nizzle.
Woman-We need to talk.
by A September 20, 2003
A person who by ignorance or stupidity takes up unnecessary amounts of your time.
I sat the the whole show before i realized that he was a no talent ass clown.
by A October 21, 2003
Of or having to do with the nipple, or aureole.
This picture needs more nipular representation.
by A November 05, 2004
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