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70 definitions by Z

So totally better than you and then some. The best of everything and everyone. So much better than you, your mom, and your dog. Better than 1337, more than 1337, overly 1337, so 1337 it's painful. The best of all and everything and you and your dog.

Contraction of über (also, though incorrectly, known as uber) and 1337.
That guy is über 1337; no one can beat him!
by Z October 03, 2004
A severe case of marination. To sit idle for hours upon hours in a chill or relaxed state.
After having 3 exams I go into hibernation mode which may include doing absolutely nothing.
by Z May 03, 2003
a place in norway.
høne = chicken
foss = waterfalls
chickens do not fall in hønefoss, it's just the name!
by Z April 10, 2005
A character capable of rendering bad movies watchable and good movies unforgettable. Intelligent, aggressive, single-minded, static, often evil.
Examples: Ash in the Evil Dead movies; Bill Foster in Falling Down; Tyler Durden in Fight Club; Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.
by z June 19, 2004
The standard way to describe a glass bottle which holds 50.8 fluid ounces of champagne. A regular bottle of champagne holds 25.4 ounces, therefore a magnum contains the same amount as 2 regular bottles.
I was going to get a bottle of champagne but decided to get a magnum of champagne instead because more people are coming than I expected.
by z July 20, 2004
a hip joint in albuquerque NM ran by these 2 dudes who sell hookahs and tobacco.
I stopped by hookah kings yesterday and smoked a bowl of cherry shisha.
by z July 20, 2004
This is rock band that consists of repetitive power chords, with overdramatic singing, along with shitty teen angst lyrics. Ricky bands can usually be found whenever Ricky is listening to music. Examples are Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Adema, Blindside, Papa Roach, Submersed, and Trapt.
Man that bands licks balls. They are such a Ricky band.
by Z April 23, 2005