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Charm City. It's called Charm City. The benches in Baltimore also say, "Baltimore - The City That Reads" because you're supposed to read when you sit down on a bench.
"welcome to charm city!"
by z March 15, 2005
The act of stealing or pick pocketing, usually in reference to stealing a car.
Jimmy boosted the porsche at the mall.

Jon boosted the goods from mary's room.

Someone boosted my wallet!
by Z November 09, 2004
white kids who want to be, or think they are black
~ wanna + be + a + nigger = wiggah ~
Jake Tiers and Bryan Frazelle
by Z May 22, 2004
variation of the word legit or legitimate sometimes used in place of chill or cool
Hey, 'sup man?
im jus chillin
Thats lagit
by Z October 21, 2004
Though teh was originally an accidental mispelling, t3h was purposfully made. It is the 1337 version of teh, mostly used in the same was as teh, though usually used more often by gamers, frequent speakers of 1337, or people who are far too exposed to the internet (like me). Some believe t3h to add a slightly different, possibly more nerdy meaning to the sentence rather than teh.
this game is t3h cool

j00 4r3 t3h 1337
by Z October 03, 2004
means hey fuck you eh
guy 1: stop camping at spawn
guy 2: hfue?
by z April 19, 2005
The act of elaboratly flailing around your apendages in an attempt to immpress or entertain someone or a group of people.
She was dancing at the party.
by Z October 03, 2004

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