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Trinidadian slang for stoned/high.
OHHHHH Lard afi ave mercy pon ee sole, man straight zork fi so!!!
by Z February 25, 2004
an ethically and philosophically superior being who eschews the consumption of all animal products including meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, leather. this includes chicken you lame ass pesudo vegetarians!
i m vegan and and you should be too.
by z March 26, 2005
A common production toilet...a term used by pumbers.
What $ amout is in the contract for the dweeb
by Z December 17, 2003
n. An annoying foreign roommate of any origin. Named for KL, Swedish foreign exchange student.
"I'd invite you over, but the Swede goes to bed at 9:30!"
by Z September 24, 2004
The armpit of Texas.
Also known for being a hippie hangout, and a place to go for good BBQ.

Longhorns are frequently seen there, drunk and fighting.
Boss: You are being re-assigned to Austin, TX.

Employee: Hell no! Any place but Austin! I quit!
by Z March 12, 2004
location :unknown... see also teh SAGGY P
"I wanted to kill the saggy p," said the pimp, "Cause he stole my bitches!!"
by Z December 06, 2004
A belt-bag, usually referred to when drug (esp. marijuana) is carried in it.
"And the duce duce in my bubblegoose"
by Z September 14, 2004

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