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An acronym standing for Hill Country Fare. Often cheaper than popular name brands, though the integrity of the quality remains debatable. Almost exactly how Walmart has the Great Value brands. A brand selling private-label products under H-E-B, along with others such as Central Market Organics, H-E-Buddy, Creamy Creations, and others.
Ghetto/money saver 1: Nigga, where you get this HCF brand, shit's dope
Ghetto/money saver 2:Dawg, H-E-B is where it's at!
by LegendZOfSin October 20, 2011
Halt and Catch Fire. Obscure but legendary microprocessor operation, supposedly included for test purposes, that could actually ruin the CPU chip.
"So, how do I end this program?"
"How do I pause in the middle?"
"How do I terminate a loop?"
by z October 27, 2004
"Horse Cunt Face"
A girl who's features resemble that of a horse, long facial features, big nose, huge gummy teeth like a horse, who also acts like a cunt.
Taylor G. is such a HCF.
by Snoborderbabe9 September 01, 2010
Acronym; stands for "Hard Core Fuckin'". Very useful when describing what you did last night when in the presence of a group that includes your girlfriend, who subsequently was stuck at work on the night in question.
He said he was HCF'in last night, which is strange because he was at a family reunion.
by Twisted Phister March 07, 2005
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