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without shoes or socks
shit i just steeped in that dog feces barefoot
by z September 13, 2003
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Code for saying that you are high.
Hey Jack let's go to McDonalds barefoot after frolfing.

Friend one:"I'm gonna be so high after this blunt."

Friend two: "Yeah man we're gonna be barefoot."
by Beer time October 10, 2014
A sort of water skiing without skis. An EXTREME form of water skiing.
To barefoot you need to be:
1) Farely crazy or brave.
2) Have good medical coverage.
3) Be going about 50 miles an hour behind a boat.

To succeed it is possible - but extremely difficult - to get up out of the water behind a boat with no skiis on and ultimately barefoot. The boat must be able to accelerate quickly or you will come close to drowning.
You can start out with one ski - slalom - and drop the ski once the boat gets up to speed. You can use two skiis and drop them both but this looks very girly and if you did decide to do it, you might ball yourself out - if you are a guy - with one of the skiis racking your jewels from being dropped improperly.
Max: "Bill wants to try barefoot today; can the boat go fast enough?"
Scott: "Of course it can go fast enough dwanker it has a 500 hp inboard!"
Doug: "I'll call the ambulance."
by psiscott2000 April 11, 2006
fuckin someone without pertection
person1 - hey man, did you fuck her in the butt
person2 - yeah, i jumped in that barefoot
by Greg fornicater August 13, 2002
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