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Definition 1 about the cartoon robot is correct...The word can be adapted as a secret nickname for anybody who obsesses with ridiculous mechanical things.

Usually a neighbor, due to the neighborhood setting of The Brak Show. Can also apply to somebody with an overly decorated lawn.
The neighbor drives a Humvees - we call him Thunderclese

The other neighbor mows the lawn with an oversized tractor: he's Thunderclese too.

The neighbor's kid drives obnoxiously loud motorbikes in circles: Thunderclese Junior
by TreeWeezel November 14, 2011
Cereal that is unsweetened and not artificially colored.

Granola of course, Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, bran flakes, raisin bran, anything Kashi
Mom, don't we have anything besides lesbian cereal?
by TreeWeezel November 02, 2011
LBGT: Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender. Well established acronym. However the group should be all-inclusive, so three more letters have been added.

The additional letters are for Asexual, Hermaphrodite, and Questioning (anybody still in sexual limbo)
On alternate Tuesdays the LBGTQAH Society meets at the Unitarian Church

Why don't you like big boobs? Are you LGBTQAH?
by TreeWeezel October 09, 2011
mono (single) + molecules = stray molecules. Means a tiny amount of something.
This has chicken broth in it? I can't eat it.
Don't be afraid of a few meat monocules!

Easy, it only takes a few monocules of that stuff.

The environmentalists glared at my scooter as if they were afraid of a few hydrocarbon monocules.
by TreeWeezel August 16, 2011
The little song that Windows plays when you shutdown your computer.

In urban speak, you use it to imply somebody has shut off his brain.
Dave: I think I'll turn left when...uh I'll just feel it.
Susan: be-ba-bu-ba. any maps in the car?
by TreeWeezel May 10, 2011
Nachos in the true fashion: only perfectly triangular chips are used, and each individual chip is stacked with cheese, meat, beans, ect. one by one. They are then carefully broiled for an authentic hor dourve.
Gringo: Why are my mexican nachos taking so long?

Cracka: Because they are decorating each individual chip.

Gringo: You're kidding! Don't they just dump chips on a plate and slop chili n' stuff over it?

Cracka: That's american nachos.
by TreeWeezel May 07, 2011
Male anatomy: the balls and asshole.

Forget about the tusks: if you draw a walrus you'll have 2 circles for the muzzle and put whiskers on it. These are the balls dangling down. The asshole is the single eye above.
Want to be a sophisticated lover? Bend over and tell her to lick the one eyed walrus.
by TreeWeezel April 28, 2011
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