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A slider device on a DJ mixing board that moves between the mixer's channels.
The DJ was all across his channels, thanks to his crossfader
by Flingotravels October 14, 2005
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A mixture of ketamine and MDMA. So named because of the smooth transition between the two effects you get.
I did a crossfader last night, it was nice and warm and fuzzy when I came back to earth.
by Just some dude yeah October 03, 2010
1. A person who partakes in the action of getting crossfaded.
2. A mixture of a stoner and a alcoholic.
3. An individual who regularly smokes marijuana and gets drunk at the same time.
Stoner 1: Man, I'm blown finish this bowl
Alcoholic: Naw I'm already drunk
Stoner 2: Just do it
Alcoholic: Alright let me hit it...fuuuuk I'm feeling good, Imma do this all the time
Stoner1: Gay dude you're a crossfader
by Iron Lungs July 13, 2009

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