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Male anatomy: the balls and asshole.

Forget about the tusks: if you draw a walrus you'll have 2 circles for the muzzle and put whiskers on it. These are the balls dangling down. The asshole is the single eye above.
Want to be a sophisticated lover? Bend over and tell her to lick the one eyed walrus.
by TreeWeezel April 28, 2011
Shortened minivan. Looks like a grotesquely inflated hatchback. Comfortable to sit in but crap to drive, less useful than a minivan, and even less cool.
Dude: Look at that Lexus. What a chode-mobile!
Man: On point, Dude. It is fat, short and bulbous.
Driver: You like the crossover, man?
by TreeWeezel April 06, 2011
Historic: traditional African dish of stewed goat scrotum. Brought to America by slaves and adapted to Southern cooking conventions.

Current: Served deep fried at breakfast at any small diner in South Carolina, Georgia, and lower. Interestingly, nobody likes it, but they think other people like it. Yankees will often order it, mistaking it for grits (a more common and even grosser dish.)
Yankee1: What are groats?
Yankee2: Some podunk cornpone sorta thing.
Yankee1: I'll have that.
Yankee1: Wow, this bacon's really leathery.
by TreeWeezel April 02, 2011
Smoosh of hill and mountain: used for an outstanding hill which isn't quite a mountain.

The alternate smoosh is mill
My bike ground to a crawl going up the hill. It was more like a himalountain.
by TreeWeezel January 17, 2012
When you drape a t-shirt over your head with the collar on your forehead. You tie the arms together behind your head and then you're ready to cross the urban desert.
We had to walk five blocks in the july heat to get to the bball court, so I did an urban turban so I wouldn't get ashy.
by TreeWeezel November 01, 2011
Popular grafitti tag. Inspired by the character Spit from the urban movie Beat Street, who would spray "spitspitspitspit..." in crude cursive script over the entire city (including the protagonist's murals).
There was a beautiful mural sprayed onto that train car, but Spit got their right away and tagged it "spitspitspitspit..."
by TreeWeezel October 31, 2011
Derivative of "Hoovertown" and "Hoover Blanket". It is a makeshift cooler made of a cardboard box lined with newspaper.

Unlike the other "Hoover" words, this isn't a sign of poverty as much as convenience (when you don't want to take an empty cooler home).
What's in the box, Paul?
Lunch: it's a hoover cooler.
by TreeWeezel August 29, 2011

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