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Cassette Jockey, or DJ of cassettes. A CJ will always have the right tape for the mood of the room and knows his tapes well enough to flip to the B side seamlessly.

Theses skills are largely unappreciated until a long car ride in a car with a cassette stereo.
The drive across Ohio was so boring until Paul sat up front to be CJ and rocked his cassettes.
by TreeWeezel January 06, 2012
Its practicers are attracted to the long, phallic shape. They think they are more manly than anyone else who rolls, because of the board's penile shape and the riding style: standing stoicly like a man, without squatting, thrusting, or contorting of any sort.

No tricks of any sort, strictly manly stances. The one kinda cool thing they can do is slalom down a hill to scrub off speed, similar to a snowboarder. They will still jump off the moment things get dicey.

In reality these guys are passed by grandmas on 3-speed bicycles, even downhill.
Longboarding looks kinda cool...oh wait, that old lady just passed him on her grandma's bike.
by TreeWeezel April 09, 2011
Dick that is "hung like a wreath". This is interpreted to mean it is round and bushy, and therefore has more in common with the female genitalia.
"Why yes I am that type of nigga to catch a bullet in my teeth,
And call you "St Nick dick" cause you be hung like a wreath!"

- The Pharcyde, "I'm That Type of Nigga"
by TreeWeezel September 30, 2011
The best anal lubricant. Use continuously.
Last nite me and Trina went thru a box of condoms and a case of Pam. It was extra slick and she loved the fizzy sensation.
by TreeWeezel October 27, 2011

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