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Rejected definitions can be resubmitted indefinitely.
Thanks to the urban loophole, my controversial submission went around UD for months before finally being published.
by TreeWeezel April 06, 2011
Also known as "urban dictionary hat trick". Demonstration of excellence in contribution, weeding, and editing, all within the same day.
It consists of approval of your added word, approval of removal of a rival definition, and yourself giving final approval to a particularly excellent word.
Today one of my submissions was added, I successfully removed a crap definition, and one of the real gems I approved while editing got added. That makes an urban dictionary trifecta!
by TreeWeezel April 04, 2011
Tendency of the west coast to overrate. For instance, if a show has rave reviews in Frisco you should wait until it gets as far east as Chicago before believing it.

Possible explanations include laidback, non-critical attitudes, drug use, and simply less exposure to good culture.

The term originated in the drum corps circle, where corps are numerically judged across the country and the scores coming from the west are disregarded.
Wow, these guys are supposed to be fantastic!

Don't believe the hype, it's just west coast inflation.
by TreeWeezel August 04, 2011
Invented by Trugoy the Dove of De La Soul. Curly hair is fashioned into 6-12 big lumps. It should be skewed to one side, or at least assymetric.
Look at the album cover of "3 Feet High and Rising". Trugoy the Dove and Pasemaster Mase have excellent de la haircuts.
by TreeWeezel April 27, 2011
(adjective) anything derivative of De La Soul, the jazzy, uplifting hip hop group from Long Island.

Such as de la clothes, de la attitude, delacratic, de la beats, de la rhymes, and the de la haircut.
Is it cause my de la clothes?
Or is it just my de la soul?
When it comes to being de la it's just me myself and I.

"Me, Myself, and I" De La Soul
by TreeWeezel April 27, 2011
All contestents submit 5 words to UD. In several weeks, the highest success rate wins.
What are the results from last month's Urban Contest?
I had 0%. How about you?
0% as well. A draw!
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
Historic: traditional African dish of stewed goat scrotum. Brought to America by slaves and adapted to Southern cooking conventions.

Current: Served deep fried at breakfast at any small diner in South Carolina, Georgia, and lower. Interestingly, nobody likes it, but they think other people like it. Yankees will often order it, mistaking it for grits (a more common and even grosser dish.)
Yankee1: What are groats?
Yankee2: Some podunk cornpone sorta thing.
Yankee1: I'll have that.
Yankee1: Wow, this bacon's really leathery.
by TreeWeezel April 02, 2011

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